How to Grasp and Hold a Football Properly

Even professional football players that plays the sport year in and year out still needs training when it comes to proper holding and grasping the football. During off season they still go to training camps to handle and hold the ball properly.

Yes, this is the most straightforward thing to do but if this is simple why are there are over 100 football fumbles in the game through each season?

In this article is a post on the fundamentals of holding, grasping and handling of the football. These methods are taught by the best coaches of football and when these things are applied it will develop further especially reliability in the crucial times of games. Like the fundamentals in finding the best promo codes for online casinos, you have homepage access here.


According to coaches the initial grasp of the football is a good indicator if the football will be fumbled or not. Staying consistent through practice in doing the initial grasp is essential and with constant practice training, fumbling the ball will be reduced significantly.

The right way of grasping the football is putting you’re the tip of your index finger on the tip of the ball directly, letting your hand grasp the rest of the surface area of the ball as much as possible. The inside of your wrist and forearm will support the rest of the ball, this will allow the tips of the finger down to the mid-section of the arm will sustain the initial grasp.


This the most debated aspect of football by coaches and experts the effective way of holding the ball. Some coaches argue that the best way to hold the ball is under your armpit or place it between your ribs and your forearm. Speaking of debates, get joe fortune bonus here without any complications

Although the method is a proven one, I still prefer the one that Barber do in New York Giants. He has less fumbles in the last 5 season he has played. His technique is simple and effective. He grasps the ball firmly using his fingers and forearm and place it directly in his chest and hold it. It is like he is holding a brand-new infant. This is the most secure hold for me, through the years it is the most reliable technique for me.


For handling, once you have mastered the technique for grasping and holding the football you will be good at handling. It is advisable to practice with a ball when running a drill this will develop familiarity and habit of placing the football in your outside arm. This will develop your skill for controlling and protecting the ball in case it gets lose.