How to Safely Use a Jogger Stroller

If you are a parent who loves to jog, you ay have consider buying a jogger stroller. This is one of the greatest inventions of the modern times, to let you jog with your baby or toddler. Of course, if you are a mom you need to consult your doctor about your plan of jogging.

That is the beauty of purchasing a jogging stroller, your baby can come along with you on your jog. However, what is important is the safety of your child, it is not solely rest on the quality of the jogging stroller but also on how you use the stroller.

Jogging stroller is designed for fast movement. They are made for uneven forces and rough surfaces. We listed the safety measures that you need to keep your baby safe when you go jogging.

Always Put You Hand on the Hand Brake

Jogging stroller have a handbrake but not all of them. So, it is best the you buy the ones that has one, it is most helpful in stopping the stroller right away. You should always make sure that you have your hand on the brakes, but also make sure that you don’t press it hard and abruptly, it can harm your child. You should apply brake slowly and smoothly to stop the strollers safely.

Always Use the Safety Straps

Safety straps are included in the jogging stroller, these include a wrist strap and a harness strap. The wrist wrap should always be attached to you even if and especially when you let go of the stroller. Eventually you will let go of the stroller when you are running, but the wrist wrap will ensure that it will not slip and break free from you.

You make sure that you always secure the wrist harness. Ideal jogging strollers comes with a 5-point harness straps some though has 3 point. Nevertheless, how many points the strap is what is important is that these straps help you baby be secured especially the cheeks and the legs. This is to make sure that the child will not fall out of the stroller when you are go running.

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Do Not Forget to Lock the Front Wheel

Jogging strollers features a fixed wheel, this has the option to lock or unlock the front wheel as needed. Always remember to lock the wheel when you go for a jog so that you can ensure the safety of your baby. Having a pivot wheel ca be unpredictable because it can swerve and stop all of the sudden and can throw our baby out from the stroller.

How to Grasp and Hold a Football Properly

Even professional football players that plays the sport year in and year out still needs training when it comes to proper holding and grasping the football. During off season they still go to training camps to handle and hold the ball properly.

Yes, this is the most straightforward thing to do but if this is simple why are there are over 100 football fumbles in the game through each season?

In this article is a post on the fundamentals of holding, grasping and handling of the football. These methods are taught by the best coaches of football and when these things are applied it will develop further especially reliability in the crucial times of games. Like the fundamentals in finding the best promo codes for online casinos, you have homepage access here.


According to coaches the initial grasp of the football is a good indicator if the football will be fumbled or not. Staying consistent through practice in doing the initial grasp is essential and with constant practice training, fumbling the ball will be reduced significantly.

The right way of grasping the football is putting you’re the tip of your index finger on the tip of the ball directly, letting your hand grasp the rest of the surface area of the ball as much as possible. The inside of your wrist and forearm will support the rest of the ball, this will allow the tips of the finger down to the mid-section of the arm will sustain the initial grasp.


This the most debated aspect of football by coaches and experts the effective way of holding the ball. Some coaches argue that the best way to hold the ball is under your armpit or place it between your ribs and your forearm. Speaking of debates, get joe fortune bonus here without any complications

Although the method is a proven one, I still prefer the one that Barber do in New York Giants. He has less fumbles in the last 5 season he has played. His technique is simple and effective. He grasps the ball firmly using his fingers and forearm and place it directly in his chest and hold it. It is like he is holding a brand-new infant. This is the most secure hold for me, through the years it is the most reliable technique for me.


For handling, once you have mastered the technique for grasping and holding the football you will be good at handling. It is advisable to practice with a ball when running a drill this will develop familiarity and habit of placing the football in your outside arm. This will develop your skill for controlling and protecting the ball in case it gets lose.

Another Football Tale

While playing football, I often was told that ‘You’re good enough, you’re good enough, you’re good enough to be the best’.

‘Even now, some people believe you are the best and won’t play you.’

Now, at 29, he is a coach.

At Liverpool, Klopp had to make radical decisions during his first season at the club.

They cost him his job, but they were the right decisions to keep him at Anfield.

‘You cannot work in football and at the same time have a strong faith,’ Klopp said.

‘I have the faith and you have to believe in your heart. If you don’t, there will be problems, and this has not been the most successful time for me at all.

‘I have lost five big games, and the problem was not that.

‘The problem was when I believed in what I was doing, when I gave everything, when I gave my all.’

Looking Back

Klopp has not forgotten his first big victory as Liverpool boss, a 2-1 win at Arsenal in the Premier League on the opening day of the new season.

He would like to see more of that performance from the Reds in his return to the Emirates, but also knows he will not get another chance to savior it.

‘I have no regrets,’ Klopp said. ‘But as I said to the players before the game: ‘You cannot get another game like that again. And you are lucky that you have it in this moment, because you cannot get any more like that again’. Speaking of luck, online casino gaming in USA is now legal in some states, this a great news for people who love these kind of sites

‘I had to do this for Liverpool and the manager, the staff and everybody, is here. So, when I say that I have no regrets because, of course, I would not want to go back to any other way. I think we have done very well and I would have given everything for it.’ Klopp is certain that the Reds have done the right thing.

He added: ‘I was very sad for him because it was a very close one. When it was not possible, I cannot say I feel sad. Because we are talking about a life and death matter, which I have never experienced before. But he has been very brave and strong.’

The Right Move

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson (right) and midfielder Philippe Coutinho are both struggling with injury

Bolt’s injury is a setback for Liverpool, who are hoping he can return sooner than expected. Liverpool will face Norwich in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday and Klopp’s side had already qualified for the Premier League play-offs in their final group game against Burnley.

However, the severity of the setback for the youngster who has made his senior debut in the Premier League  could delay that, depending on the extent of his recovery. ‘When you think about a big footballer who is as strong as him who is not 100 per cent fit, it’s very difficult,’ said Klopp.