How to Safely Use a Jogger Stroller

If you are a parent who loves to jog, you ay have consider buying a jogger stroller. This is one of the greatest inventions of the modern times, to let you jog with your baby or toddler. Of course, if you are a mom you need to consult your doctor about your plan of jogging.

That is the beauty of purchasing a jogging stroller, your baby can come along with you on your jog. However, what is important is the safety of your child, it is not solely rest on the quality of the jogging stroller but also on how you use the stroller.

Jogging stroller is designed for fast movement. They are made for uneven forces and rough surfaces. We listed the safety measures that you need to keep your baby safe when you go jogging.

Always Put You Hand on the Hand Brake

Jogging stroller have a handbrake but not all of them. So, it is best the you buy the ones that has one, it is most helpful in stopping the stroller right away. You should always make sure that you have your hand on the brakes, but also make sure that you don’t press it hard and abruptly, it can harm your child. You should apply brake slowly and smoothly to stop the strollers safely.

Always Use the Safety Straps

Safety straps are included in the jogging stroller, these include a wrist strap and a harness strap. The wrist wrap should always be attached to you even if and especially when you let go of the stroller. Eventually you will let go of the stroller when you are running, but the wrist wrap will ensure that it will not slip and break free from you.

You make sure that you always secure the wrist harness. Ideal jogging strollers comes with a 5-point harness straps some though has 3 point. Nevertheless, how many points the strap is what is important is that these straps help you baby be secured especially the cheeks and the legs. This is to make sure that the child will not fall out of the stroller when you are go running.

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Do Not Forget to Lock the Front Wheel

Jogging strollers features a fixed wheel, this has the option to lock or unlock the front wheel as needed. Always remember to lock the wheel when you go for a jog so that you can ensure the safety of your baby. Having a pivot wheel ca be unpredictable because it can swerve and stop all of the sudden and can throw our baby out from the stroller.